School Management Information System

What they needed:

Evelina Hospital School enable children and young people to continue with their education in a safe and welcoming environment whilst in hospital. The school had a number of iterations of a Management Information System (MIS) that had been developed over a number of years by a number of different suppliers in an adhoc manner. The school registers around 1,500 pupils each year making it vital to have a reliable system in place for effective recording and management of pupil information.

What we did:

We took the existing MIS and upgraded it to a new, robust, secure and modern platform. We also added new functionality to the system; a curriculum manager, financial management and a safeguarding function to meet the extra requirements of a hospital school.

The benefits:

  • Accuracy
  • User-friendly interface
  • Efficient management of information
  • Secure and centralised data
  • Easily accessible by mobile, tablet or PC

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