Health Research KPI Management System

What they needed:

To improve their data collation and reporting process to free up time to spend on their world class health research. In particular they wanted to track and measure how specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are being met and create reports, including those for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

What we did:

We developed an online performance management system, using Key Performance Indicators as an evidence base for health research projects. The system streamlines and maximises the efficiency of data collation and reporting.

The benefits:

  • Evidence their work more efficiently
  • Provide service excellence through performance monitoring
  • Focus their valuable time on critical research
  • Provide evidence to support health research projects
  • Ensure a consistent approach
  • Contributes to better patient care

What they said:

This tool is an efficient and effective way for applied health research teams to capture and share all their project data. We are so confident in Switchstance's technical skills and ability to interpret healthcare data that we have worked with them time and time again.
- Dr Christine Hill, Consultant in Public Health Medicine

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