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Performance Management

Working in Partnership

Our work with the Education sector is very much a partnership, focused on understanding performance and improving student outcomes through digital. We appreciate that there is no ‘one software fits all’ in this sector so take the time to form a partnership with you to understand and meet your unique requirements.

Innovation is always at the forefront of our minds, challenging the status quo, and the way things have ‘always been done’. But vitally, this is backed up with robust and secure systems. We focus on user-centric design and development and at the core is our database expertise; intelligence behind an engaging and aesthetically pleasing front-end.

Our partnership approach and innovation are strengths that have been recognised with industry awards.

Measuring Performance

We deliver smart systems to track and measure performance, progress, attainment and achievement. We do so with software that places emphasis on high quality design with the user in mind. Our mission is always to deliver a positive user experience; focusing on ease and enjoyment of use. From School Management Information Systems to Key Performance Indicator Trackers, we can help build a system to make your life easier.

We create smart, easy-to-read, visual dashboards and reporting suites to enable monitoring of performance and outcomes. Previous projects within the education sector have been focused upon marrying up key data and translating this into truly understandable information.

Our approach is always outcome-focused and we begin by mapping out your existing process; the ‘current state’, identifying areas where improvements can be made at key points in the process and planning out the ideal ‘future state’.

Security and Assurance

As a result of our work within the education, healthcare and public sectors, our understanding of and adherence to Information Governance, data protection and security have been heavily scrutinised. We have undergone a strict data security audit, and as a result, our attention to detail and devotion to security are second to none.

We work in line with ISO27001, the international standard for information security management, and constantly review and enhance our information security management policies and procedures.

Case Study

Development of a School Management Information System that effectively records and manages pupil information, built to meet the extra requirements of a hospital school. The system is a secure and centralised way to efficiently manage sensitive information.
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